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Sami Ullah
Founder ,Tutor and Content Developer

Safety Training Management & Consultancy Chartered Professional| IRCA OSH Lead Auditor | Expert Risk Assessor | Accident Investigation Expert | Instructional Trainer

P2Safety was founded by SAMI ULLAH in 2022 to become a brand known for quality, standards, and impeccable safety standards. SAMI ULLAH is a Chartered Professional with a specialization in Safety Training and Consultancy. He is a Ph.D. scholar, has dual master’s degrees, and is a renowned safety expert, author, writer, content developer, enthusiastic volunteer, and devoted educator. In the area of OHS, he holds world-class memberships, credentials, certifications, and qualifications. He holds CRSP®, CSP®, CMIOSH®, and SMS®, and provides health and safety consulting services to local and international companies. Many local and international institutions, organizations, and establishments like IOSH, BCSP, and BCRSP know him for his volunteer work in the Mena region. 

He once said, “For many safety professionals, volunteering is a service, but for him, it is a passion and a religious obligation”.

Humaira Shamas
C.E.O and Managing Director

Masters of Science (MSc) in Applied Psychology, Bachelors of Sciences (BSc.)

P2Safety FZE C.E.O and Managing Director Humaira Shamas holds Masters of Science (MSc) in Applied Psychology, Bachelors of Sciences (BSc.) and Bachelors of Education (B.Ed.) degrees from reputed universities. The positive impact of her innovative training, engaging classroom presence, value in real-world learning, exchange of best practices, and lifelong love of learning has been praised around the world. P2Safety will grow overnight and have a positive impact on our delegates looking for challenges and innovative learning platforms thanks to her excellent skills in People Management, Collaboration Leadership, Decision Making, Persuasion, Psychological Leadership Skills, Ethical Leadership Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Communication, Listening, Collaboration, Empathy, and Patience. Teaching/facilitating has enabled her to demonstrate a strong commitment to the development and education of children and adults.

About The CEO

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The Course Developers, Reviewers, and Trainers behind our Exam Prep Courses

Sami Ullah

Senior Course Advisor, Tutor and Content Developer

Muhammad Baber Shafique

Senior Course Advisor

Mr. Hamid Raza

Senior Course Advisor

Jeetesh Kumar

Senior Course Reviewer

Mr. Saifuddin

Senior Course Advisor

Sajjad Ali

Senior Content Developer

Abdul Baqui Mayel Mohammed

Senior Course Advisor

Punitha Periyasamy

Senior Course Advisor

Why Choose Us?

P2Safety Solutions to Real-Exam Challenges

Learners can find solutions to exam-related challenges with P2Safety's Actionable learning topics. Learning in the most effective ways, P2Safety provides learners with practical knowledge that helps them navigate their lives more successfully.

P2Safety Learning Materials That Work Fast

Learners can apply actionable P2Safety skills one day and then learn more the next. This is possible by optimizing P2Safety learning materials. To ensure P2Safety learning is efficient, clear, concise, and efficient, they should be as short as possible.

Diverse P2Safety content options

P2Safety learning content offers something for everyone. Providing a wide variety of content allows P2Safety to meet a variety of learning needs, which will encourage employees to learn and apply skills.

P2Safety Hands-on presentation

P2Safety provides learners with steps, tools, and methods they can repurpose and use right away in the real world, which is much more effective and efficient. By using references, real-life examples, and metaphors to accompany lessons, P2Safety learning content should not only be concise but also be relatable and interactive.

P2Safety Embrace remote learning

For learners to be motivated to take action, learning should not be limited to the computer. Mobile devices are popular among learners. It is possible to upskill at the time and place the learner chooses. This is done with P2Safety content that is downloadable and optimized for use on multiple devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, and eReaders. This reduces the time it takes to learn new skills.

Effective P2Safety digital learning

In addition to being inefficient cost-wise, classroom-based learning does not provide actionable learning at the point of need. P2Safety Learning Platform lets learners learn a complementary skill and apply it to their own. A skill gap and taking proactive steps to fill it, learners can learn instantly with P2Safety digital learning.

Easy-To-Use P2Safety Platform

The P2Safety platform should also inspire learners to actively put their learning into practice. When learners decide to invest in their development, they should not face barriers such as a difficult login process. P2Safety's easy forms encourage proactive learning by being easy to use, accessible, and efficient.

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Quality over Quantity
Highest ASP/CSP Successful Delegates Ratio

Student Testimonials

“It has been a week since I enrolled in the ASP & CSP Combo package and I have noticed how much effort is put into the learning portal. P2Safety provided a great opportunity for learning that was easy, concise, and to the point. Thanks, P2Safety”.
Ashfaq Khan Niazi
" The course helps me prepare for the exam and gives me the confidence to pass it. If you are eligible and are looking for complete guidance and support, I recommend this program”.
Arif R. Hakim, CSP, CCPSC
“In the beginning, I was skeptical about CSP because of its extensive syllabus. The training I receive from P2Safety and guidance from tutor Mr. Sami has gradually increased my confidence that sooner or later I will be able to crack CSP. New aspirants require a platform that provides them with daily/weekly practice questions to prepare them for CSP exams in a real-time environment at reasonable prices, and P2Safety is definitely one of them. I highly recommend it”.
Vijay Kumar
“As a result of the learning support I received from P2Safety, I passed the CSP exam within 3 months. I found the course to be very informative and to the point. A key point is how passionately Mr. Sami delivers the lecture and motivates you along the way”.
Sajid Ali Mirza
"I am very pleased with the P2Safety tutoring and support that I received throughout my CSP preparation. I highly recommend online qualifications training that takes you step-by-step to meet your needs."
Robsin – CMIOSH
The professionalism of the exam preparation content and the customer service teams, as well as unlimited tutor support, impressed Adil Nawaz: "The training materials' quality, the exam preparation, and customer service department's attitude and competency, and the availability of high-quality tutor support are the reasons I strongly recommend P2Safety to all candidates..”
Adil Nawaz – ASP an CSP Aspirant
Several members of the HSE community, including Arshad Nawaz, were seeking training and education to further their careers. Finding a learning provider was the next step. The decision to study with P2Safety was made after Arshad Nawaz researched online. I had a very positive experience studying for the ASP exam with P2Safety. It was very helpful to have a learning platform that was easy to use. The P2Safety Team was very helpful with queries. The mock exam and exercises were extremely useful, and their support throughout the process was excellent. There are no words to describe how highly I recommend them! Thanks a lot - P2Safety Team."
Arshad Nawaz – HSE Supervisor
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