In order to provide ease of use and accessibility, the website has been designed using current technologies and best practices. Whenever you encounter an accessibility issue while browsing this site, please contact us and we’ll do everything we can to ensure your web surfing habits and technologies are taken into account. Our organization, P2Safety, ensures accessibility for our international students is paramount as new technologies and devices come to market faster than ever before. Our websites are constantly updated to ensure the very best service level for our international students.


All pages found on this site have been designed to validate as XHTML based on the recommendations of the W3C School’s best web standards and practices; this includes valid CSS3 (cascading style sheets v3) where possible. This site may also use advanced CSS3 styling to improve graphical visibility and presentation – many of the most up-to-date standards are still undergoing official ratification by the aforementioned W3C Schools organisation. This means that at present many of the experimental/advanced techniques cannot be validated until the standard has been officially agreed upon. Here at P2Safety, we have chosen to use the most modern technologies available to ensure this site works with all known devices and web browsers to ensure cross-compatibility for our customers and students. We have implemented reasonable measures to ensure your device works on this website.


Many links have titles, names, and other data and attributes, which describe them in greater detail unless the text of the link already describes the target in great detail. We have formatted links where appropriate so that they make sense out of context – this helps our customers anticipate what information they are likely to see.


When appropriate, all content images are accompanied by descriptive ALT text attributes, custom titles, and captions.

Visual Design

A CSS3-based visual layout is used on this site. The content of every page is still legible even if your browser isn’t compatible with modern CSS3 stylesheets.

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