CRSP Element 1

CRSP-Flash Cards-1

Examples of pressure systems and equipment Examples are: • boilers and steam heating systems • pressurized process plant and piping • compressed air systems (fixed and portable) • pressure cookers, autoclaves and retorts • heat exchangers and refrigeration plant • valves, steam traps and filters • pipework and hoses • pressure gauges and level indicators

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CRSP PDF Handouts-P2Safety-1

Psychological & Mental health Workplace Violence, Aggression and Harassment Chemical Key Terminology & Definitions Electrical Safety Fire Suppression Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) & Heat Index Event Tree Analysis (ETA) Fault Tree Analysis Economic Analysis – ROI, ALARA Chemical Risk Assessment & Hazard Assessment Electric, Pneumatic, Hand and Power Tools Safety Electrical Principles Electrical Terminology,

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