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To achieve BCSP certification you must first apply for it. After your application is accepted, then you can purchase, schedule, take, and pass your certification examination.


Before you purchase your exam, please verify that the name and contact information we have matches your valid, unexpired, government-issued photo-identification, which you are required to present at the time of testing. You may view and update your contact information by logging into My Profile and selecting “Manage Profile.” If at any time you require a name change, please contact BCSP.

To purchase your exam, log into My Profile and select “Purchase Exam.” You have a choice between purchasing one exam or an exam bundle, which includes an exam, a Self-Assessment, and a second exam attempt if the first is unsuccessful.

Once you have paid for your exam you will have until your eligibility end date to take and pass the examination. Note that you may purchase and take your exam any number of times while eligible, but should you take your exam and not pass, you may take the exam again no earlier than six (6) weeks after your last attempt.

For information on what is covered in the examination, please review the examination blueprint on its certifications’ web page.

You may consider purchasing a Self-Assessment, a diagnostic tool offered by BCSP that helps candidates determine their areas of strength and weakness. Also available is BCSP’s interactive, online exam training examCORE programs which you can use to learn the knowledge and skills contained in BCSP certification exam blueprints. Both are available when logged into My Profile.

Before scheduling your exam, note that BCSP provides U.S. and international candidates test accommodations for documented disabilities, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Amendments Act (ADA/ADAAA), as well as other legally required accommodations. If you require an accommodation other than those pre-approved, please email [email protected] with your request. Note that this request must be made prior to scheduling your exam.


Once you purchase your certification exam, you will receive an email from BCSP with details on how to schedule your examination. This is your Exam Authorization Letter, and it provides you authorization to schedule your exam. It is a good idea to schedule in advance of the time you would like.

BCSP contracts Pearson VUE to proctor our exams. You may schedule your examination appointment with Pearson VUE online by visiting www.pearsonvue.com/bcsp or by calling +1 866-717-3653 (for testing locations in the US, US territories, and Canada). Do NOT call a local testing center to schedule your appointment—Local testing centers are not authorized to schedule, reschedule, cancel, or confirm BCSP examination appointments. Save all examination appointment confirmation emails until after you complete your examination.

Note that you will forfeit your exam authorization and the fee you paid if you:

  • Do not schedule, keep, or arrive on time for your appointment; or
  • Improperly attempt to schedule or reschedule your appointment; or
  • Fail to present valid government-issued photo identification with your name exactly as it appears on your Exam Authorization Letter; or
  • Engage in unethical, unprofessional, or disruptive conduct at Pearson VUE.

Plan in advance and achieve your certification on exam day!

Take Your Exam

The following information provides insight into the rules that must be followed on exam day so that you can best prepare.

Pearson VUE requires you to bring a valid, unexpired government-issued ID bearing both your picture and signature. Acceptable identifications include a permanent North American state or provincial driver’s license/identification card, military identification card, national identification card, European Identity card, or permanent resident card. If you are testing in a country NOT of your citizenship, your passport will be required. NOTE: Your name on the provided ID must exactly match your name on file with BCSP.

Candidates are provided an on-screen calculator during the exam. The on-screen calculator emulates the TI-30XS scientific calculator. Test centers do not provide physical calculators or allow candidates to bring in their own.

You must comply with all security processes at testing centers. Please contact the location prior to the exam to learn about their specific procedures.

As you sign in, the testing center staff will provide materials for working out calculations by hand. You are not allowed to take any notes, books, papers, purses, hats, coats, jackets, pagers, mobile phones, electronic devices, or other materials into the secure testing room. You may not access other personal belongings until you complete your examination. The only exceptions are comfort aids and approved accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Amendments Act (ADA/ADAAA), or other legally required accommodations.

BCSP recommends you complete the tutorial at the beginning of the exam to help familiarize yourself with the computer-delivered examination process. You must agree to comply with BCSP’s Code of Ethics, examination security, and non-disclosure rules before you can begin the exam. Once you complete these steps, your examination clock starts.

Examination Time Allowed

CSP5.5 hours
ASP5 hours
SMS4.5 hours
OHST4 hours
CHST4 hours
STS2 hours
STSC2 hours
CIT2 hours

You will schedule your own breaks. These breaks must be taken outside the secure testing room, but inside the building (or part of the building) controlled by Pearson VUE. You must sign out and comply with any/all security measures when you leave your workstation for any reason. Your examination clock continues to run during these self-scheduled breaks.
You will receive examination results immediately after you submit the exam at the testing center.

Get Certified

When you pass your examination, you will receive notification from BCSP, be granted digital badges for your certification, be listed as a BCSP certificant in the online Credential Holder Directory, and gain numerous exclusive benefits.

You will have achieved certification, and be recognized for your safety knowledge and skills!

Courtesy of Info: https://www.bcsp.org/examination-information/

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